How to Shop at Nordstroms for a Penny

I aspire to one day be a Nordstroms shopper who heads straight into the Rebecca Taylor rack and purchases the entire seasonal collection without looking at a single price tag. In the meantime, I am a seasoned Nordstroms sale shopper and a wishful online shopping cart filler-upper.

Luckily for me, there is a Nordstroms Rack right across from my local mall. I highly reccommend checking out your local Nordstroms Rack for great deals and sale items. It’s quite a bit less glamorous than shopping at an actual Nordstroms, but with a bit of patience you may walk away with some steals.

I often come to Nordstroms Rack to look at shoes, as they always have an amazing selection. They also have great discounted makeup if you are a high-end makeup lover. I often find brands such as Too Faced, Urban Decay, and Stila on sale at Nordstroms Rack.

Despite Nordstroms Rack offering discounted prices, it’s hard to image any store with Nordstroms in its title – let alone any store anywhere – would sell items for a mere penny?

Well, low an behold my surprise when I brought these shoes up to the register.


These beauties are from a brand called Matisse, and retailed originally for $220. Despite hunting for sandals, as it is in fact nearly June, the bold animal print pattern of these boots caught my eye. I was surprised to find that they only cost $32 on sale. I 100% did not need new boots, but I figured these would be an amazing statement piece in the fall that I would likely never again find at such a low price. I hesitated to make the final purchase decision as I had promised myself to only buy things I need, but gluttony won out as it usually does.

IMG_9948These were the final mark down price on the boots, at 85% off. When I took them to the register, they rung up at $0.01. Both the cashier and I were confused and she called over the manager to see if there was a mistake.

Nope, they were in fact a penny! Apparently, at Nordstroms Rack if an item has been severely reduced more than twice, it is deemed as “unsellable” or to be “sent back” and they put these items as a penny in their system and leave them as golden nuggets in the store for customers lucky enough to find them.

If I had more time I would have marched myself straight back to the shoe section to see if I could find more severely marked down shoes. This may have been the greatest sale purchase of all time!

So, my advice to all the Nordstroms Shoppers out there. Look for the super marked down items and maybe you too can land yourself a check-out surprise!



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